Hair Care products :

Vita Lilian Normo Hair lotion

Description : with Collagen & Wheat germ oil & Calcium pantothenate and other essential ingredients to protects against hair falling ,Revitalizes hair cells , protects against split ends & hair dryness , roughness and dandruff
Bottle Capacity : 130 ml + 2 small bottles containing Wheat germ oil and Collagen

Care mix Hair Cream

Description : with Collagen & Vitamin E, contains other essential oils to restore hair vitality & manageability , protects against environmental influences and restore the hair its shiny appearance, nourishing and strengthening of hair follicles , correction and protection against split ends .
Tube Capacity : 60 gm.

Natro Leaf Hair Shampoo

Description : a Garlic & Green Tea shampoo used for flaky Scalp & anti Dandruff protects against environmental influences and gives the hair a shiny appearance also contains Panthenol, wheat germ oil & Resorcinol .
Bottle Capacity : 160 ml.